• Barzillai Thrune

    Barzillai Thrune

    High Inquisitor Paracount Lord-Mayor Barzillai Thrune is a Chelish Inquisitor and appointed lord-mayor of Kintargo.
  • Jilia Bainilus

    Jilia Bainilus

    Jilia Bainilus, served as lord-mayor of Kintargo until Arodus, 4715 AR, when House Thrune declared Martial Law ov
  • Laria Longroad

    Laria Longroad

    A halfing who was a contract of Rexus Mother. Co-owner of the Itchy Flute.
  • Nox


    Barzillai second on command and Suspected Non-fully human.
  • Rexus Victocora

    Rexus Victocora

    Young and Idealistic Rebel